ECOFLOW MC4 to USB Type-C Charge Cable


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ECOFLOW MC4 to USB Type-C Charge Cable Features:

  • Faster Recharges: This ECOFLOW MC4 to USB type-C charging cable is designed for the River 370 generator. Using this cable you are able to take advantage of the two bidirectional USB-C charging ports on the River 370 which enables much faster recharges – in just 3 hours on a sunny day from two 85W panels.
  • Built for the extreme: This charging cable when used in conjunction with the ECOFLOW 85W solar panel is waterproof. Rated and certified to IP67 the panel and MC4 port can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes!
  •  Safety Box: This cable has an intelligently designed inbuilt safety box which limits the voltage and current generated from the solar panel to ensure that your devices are not damaged. (Please note that the safety box is designed only for the MC4 to Type-C cable because of the high current carrying capacity.)
  • Versatile: MC4 to Type-C cable is 5 meters in length. This extra length gives you increased flexibility in the positioning of the solar charger thus preventing overheating of the generator if left in direct sunlight.


This MC4 to USB Type-C charging cable is compatible with the River 370 portable solar generator and ECOFLOW 85W solar panel.  Its durable design features a waterproof MC4 connection and in built safety box which gives you protection and peace of mind from the elements.  With the ability to add an additional solar panel to charge the River 370 via the 2 x charging ports you can easily get your River 370 back to full charge within 3 hours in sunny conditions, keeping your devices powered for longer.