ECOFLOW River 370 50W Solar Panel Kit

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ECOFLOW River 370 50W Solar Panel Kit


ECOFLOW River 370 Portable Solar Generator with 50W Solar Panel Kit Features:

  • Lightning quick recharge: The ECOFLOW River 370 Portable Solar Generator with 50W Solar Panel Kit can be recharged to greater than 90% in 3 hours using dual input ports. Options include charging with 2 x 60W chargers (comes with 1) or up to 2 solar panels              (comes with 1). No other power supply with this capacity can be recharged this fast!
  • Large Capacity: The River 370 features a large capacity 370WH battery which can deliver a total of 500W output. It is the perfect power generator during an emergency situation or to take with you on your next camping adventure. It can power all devices under 500W which typically includes cellphones, laptop computers, drones, gaming consoles, cameras and CPAP machines.
  • High efficiency solar panel: The 50W foldable solar panel has a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%. Its design includes a handle and a kickstand allowing you to adjust the angle of the panel to maximize the solar energy. The panel includes 2 x 5V USB ports and 1 x DC port and is able to be chained together with an additional 50W panel to increase recharge time.
  • Multiple outputs: The River 370 can power a whopping 9 devices all at the same time! This includes 2 x AC outputs @ 300W, 2 x USB-C ports @ 60W per port, 2 x usb @ 28W per port, 2 x USB @ 12W per port, 1 x 12V cig (car) por @ 96W. This unit can also output power while being charged at the same time.
  • Thermal protection: An internal thermal management system prevents the unit from overheating and preserving the life cycle of the battery. The River 370 can be used in temperatures ranging from -4 to 140°F. If the operating conditions are outside of this range the unit will safely power down.
  • Cased in armor: The River 370 incorporates a patented, 4 mm thick aluminium alloy armor shell which protects the battery cells from impact damage while assisting with regulating the temperature at the same time. You can be sure that the River 370 will be up to the task regardless of the situation.
  • What you get: This kit includes 1 x River 370 power generator, 1 x 50W solar panel, 1 x carry case. ECOFLOW provide a 18 month manafactures warranty.


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