Renogy Phoenix 150W All In One Kit


Renogy Phoenix 150W All In One Kit


Renogy Phoenix 150W Portable Solar Generator All In One Kit Features:

  • Versatile: The Renogy Phoenix 150W portable solar generator all in one kit is perfectly suited to keep your devices running during camping trips, emergency and off grid scenarios.
  • Expandable: This all in one power system features a highly efficient 20W mono crystalline solar panel and is expandable up to an additional 100 watts.
  • Multiple charging options: Can be charged by AC power, 12 volt car charger or via solar meaning it is ready to go regardless of the situation.
  • Large capacity: The Phoenix has a 17.1Ah lithium ion battery packing a punch for the size of the unit.
  • Efficient inverter: Maximum continuous power output of 150W.

The Renogy Phoenix is an out of the box ready, all in one kit. Perfectly suited to be your companion on your next outdoor adventure, off grid or emergency situation. This unit is compact and lightweight and features a built in 20W mono crystalline solar panel and is expandable with an additional 100W panel if desired (not included) keeping your recharge times faster. The Phoenix has 1 x AC out put, 1 x 12V cig port, 2 x DC ports and 4 x USB ports to charge multiple devices on the go. The lithium ion battery can be recharged 1500 times and is fully replaceable giving the Phoenix virtually limitless power.

Please note, do not leave the Phoenix out in temperatures greater than 104°F for extended periods as the unit may overheat.